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2012 TOYOTA PRIUS – The Green Solution Sold

Going green? Well here’s a hybrid favorite that doesn’t need much of an introduction you can opt for. The Toyota Prius is the bestselling hybrid and one of the most fuel economical cars in the world.

The Prius is powered by two electric motors and a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine to deliver a combined 134 horsepower. It is considerably quick while being very quiet and pleasant to drive. On a full tank the Prius can go up to 700 km.

Outside, this 2012 unit gets a new and fresher design. The whole design of the car is made to be aerodynamic to provide better fuel efficiency and longer lasting battery power.

The modern look of the Prius continues on the inside. The contoured dash looks particularly handsome with its 2-tone panels. There are nice clear digital displays that inform you about the way you drive and your fuel consumption. It is packed with all the features you look for in your daily car. There are a lot of compartments throughout the car for you to store whatever you need. The whole layout is driver friendly and easy on the eyes. The Prius is spacious, even at the back, providing comfortable seating positions for long drives.

The Prius has a rather large boot. When you fold down the seats, you get even more space to fit in larger items. Safety wise, there are airbags, ABS, ESP and skid control.

This 2012 Prius is kept exceptionally well, it even smells new. MyMotor has inspected and certified that this car is well maintained and accident free. So if you are looking for a Prius, this unit could be a prized catch due to its perfect condition, low mileage and affordable price.


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