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Mymotor Hummer H3 2007 ‘VIP’ owner begs to be noticed Sold


A new Hummer would have been very expensive to buy in 2007 and today you cannot buy a new one even if you had the money as the Hummer company in North America has closed its doors since 2010 and the last Hummer rolled of the assembly line in May that year.

For many affluent people it is the vehicle to own to show to the world that you have arrived. Despite its rarity, used ones have become very affordable with almost 50 -70% depreciation in 7-8 years. The Hummer maybe the world's best 4X4 however it is not the world's best handling vehicle or SUV and does not come with the lowest maintenance and repair costs. The very high US dollar exchange rate has allowed the Hummer ownership experience to be enjoyed by very few individuals here in Malaysia and we spoke to a couple of die-hard owners on their Hummers.

Despite nagging problems, many owners will not say good bye to their Hummers, if they eventually do, it is due to lack of parts or possible issues of parking. High fuel costs will never be an issue for 1st owners. Many seemed to be mesmerized by its imposing size and look. Probably because it is the closest thing to being exclusive on the road without having to spend more than a million ringgit.

When looking at a used unit, if well maintained, the Hummer drivetrain is very reliable and long lasting. However it is small, annoying things that go wrong with the Hummer H3 to irritate owners and with a reliability record that is not as good as equivalent luxury SUVs that induce high depreciation.

If you do decide to buy one, allow for a realistic budget for scheduled maintenance and the usually minor but often expensive items that need attention regularly. A 2007 Hummer H3 which is the most popular model to date here in Malaysia is very easy to drive on the open road, with minimal body roll, and virtually no power delivery issue from the 3,700cc V8 engine. On a test drive the steering should be precise and it should track straight. Transmission shifts should be very smooth. Almost all Hummer owners in Malaysia would have never, ever ventured off-road and would have just been urban cowboys. This means zero underside damage or abuse. Still you can check the underneath for yourself.

Look into the cooling system. Coolant leaks are common, including thermostat housing and hose leaks. Head gasket tend to leak after some years and oil residue can be found on the sides of the head (however if the engine has just been washed then it will be difficult to detect with the naked eye). Oil leak starts with the crankcase pan and pinion seals. This will need to H3 to be on a lift to look underneath.

Better you get an expert on your side to have a look even if the asking price of RM198,000 seems just a fraction of its new selling price as a temporary cleanup could have been done prior to sale. Note, tyre costs will be high. Spare parts are actually easily available on the internet but at US dollars and their weight in freight will be high.

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