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BMW Z4 2010 Sold

With its long hood, short rear-end and a muscular shape, the BMW Z4 had the proportions of a runways success at launch. It carried a look that will not go out of style in years to come and in fact it takes admiring glances from both sexes on the road and at the mall car park. Built around a shortened chassis developed from BMW's 3-Series coupe, this 2010 Z4 is a little longer, wider and heavier than its outgoing model, with a slightly longer wheelbase and wider track. Like all BMWs and all classic roadsters to date, it is a rear wheel drive car with independent suspension; MacPherson struts at the front, multi-link at the rear. All this confirms towards a car that handles and drives with full of enthusiasm.

The unit we are suggesting this week is the base version, which comes with a 6-cylinder engine that has dual overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder with a modest peak but this engine has very good torque and plenty of thrust at the lower end of the rpm range allowing for spirited performance.

The instruments are standard BMW, dominated by the large white-on-black analog speedometer and tachometer, which are fully visible through the steering wheel throughout the range of seat adjustability. The Z4 comes with a good array of features. In addition to power windows and mirrors, the list includes air conditioning, a decent BMW derived sound system and adjustable steering. Safety features are consistent with 6-airbags, side impact protection and, of course, ABS. Top speed is electronically limited to 250km/h.

If you look at the current market price of the 2015 Z4 which is between RM359,000 and RM487,000 it makes for a value sports car purchase. A year 2010 car like this with full service history from an authorized dealer and rather low mileage is asking for a new owner willing to pay just RM175K.

Finding a well maintained Z4 in Malaysia is never going to be a problem as most owners have been wealthy individuals who have spared no expense with after sales. Also most used Z4’s would have consumed low mileage, as these cars tend to never be daily drivers. Mostly women are seen behind the wheel but this does not make it a feminine car. Look for a car with no aftermarket add-ons like this red Z4 as this signals abuse unless you can get your mechanic to do a thorough check. Make sure the soft top is not leaking by running it thru a car wash at least once with you sitting inside, as replacement hoods and rubber linings are not cheap. Engine should be smooth and at idle no knocking noise at all with a quick engine response when revved hard. Check for curbed alloy wheels and vague steering input, which means driver abuse. You are better of getting a unit that has been maintained by Auto Bavaria with full service history like this red Z4 rather than a parallel imported unit with un-authorized maintenance. Happy sun surfing in your open top roadster.

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