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Volkswagen POLO GTI Sold

The Polo GTI is compact, light and it’s got a 1.4L engine that delivers 180bhp and 250Nm of torque through the front wheels, which is kept in check by a seven-speed DSG gearbox. The result of all this allows the Polo GTI to run a top end in the 229km/h and hit a respectable 0-100km/h sprint in just 6.9 seconds. The Polo GTI is a driver’s car from ignition to park. Everything about the car just oozes driveability and it’s insanely fun, especially when it’s put through its paces. The secret to this vehicle’s athletic prowess however is down to physics and it’s got great power to weight ratio. The steering is responsive and provides great feedback whilst the 7-speed gearbox is smooth in its shifts and crisp with paddle shifters offering added enjoyment.

Safety features are segment best with Anti-Locking Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-Pressure Distribution (EBD) as well as an Electronic stabilisation programme (ESP) including Electronic Differential Lock (EDL) and an Anti-Slip Regulator ASR to keep situations in check.

The exterior facade of the car is no different from a normal Polo though, with the addition of a sunroof as well as sporty 17-inch alloys, the honeycomb grille and those tiny ‘GTI’ emblems signalling it’s actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Overall though, the Polo GTI may be a certifiable hot hatch and a quick and nippy ride but it’s also a driving machine that delivers a decent combined fuel consumption of 6.1L/100km—whenever your foot isn’t planted to the floorboard.

So now with all the good news aside, let’s take in the reality news. Volkswagen cars are somewhat plagued with DSG, electronic and after sales issues. This unfortunate run has pushed used car values down. When the Polo GTI was first launched there were buyers in lines at showrooms wanting one for all the reasons we stated in the earlier 3 paragraphs. Soon after, used units were trading for RM10-15,000 profit margins. Some 1st owners had their fun and sold with profit or just evened out their purchase price. Then issues started cropping up. Ignition failure, short battery life, gearbox issues and even trim fatigue.

Now the Polo GTI like the Golf TSI, Jetta TSI and Passat sedan have seen shrinking values and this is why this 4-year old 3 door rare Polo GTI with 69,000 kilometres driven is asking just RM81,000. This is a RM54,000 loss in 4 years (first batch selling price was just RM135k). Assuming all the earlier gremlins and issues on this car has been sorted out, you need to understand that this Polo GTI still has 1 more year left on its manufacturer’s warranty and we are quite sure the asking price can be ‘pushed’ down a little bit more as trade in values are below RM70k and used car dealers will rather walk away.

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