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2010 AUDI A4 Sold

The A4 is Audi’s offering in the compact executive segment long dominated by the 3-Series and C-Class Mercs. It’s no doubt that the Audi brand has improved over the years, and the German mark is a long way up from where it used to be. The bestseller has always been the A4, thanks to its ability to blend spirited driving performance with supreme passenger comfort. The A4 is simple, nimble, sporty and quick.

Inside the Audi packs a luxurious trim. The interior, although simple, comes with a great quality finish. The metal strips across the dashboard and door panels offer a nice contrast.  The rear air-vents and comfortable legroom make the A4 a great family car. This A4 is equipped with a 2-liter engine that produces 211 hp. Paired with superb handling and comfort or sport driving modes to select from, the A4 stands out to those who love a machine that can double up as a spirited driving machine and a comfortable family vehicle.

This imported from UK 2010 unit is going for only RM 130,000, probably the best value for money you can get out there considering the well kept condition and 1-year warranty. 

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