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2010 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 – Chili Red German for The Price of a Myvi Sold

Small, compact, fun to drive, gets around town easily, fuel efficient - all the reasons to get yourself a compact hatch. The popular one in this category would be the Myvi due to its affordability, but what if we say you can afford a German mark at the same price or even cheaper?

Meet the Volkswagen Polo, one of the world’s popular hatchback and the 2010 unit we have here is going for only RM 48,000. It does have 120,000 km on the clock, but the Polo is built with far better quality and it provides you with that renowned German handling compared to any other 5-door hatchback in its price range.

The exterior of the Polo bears a close resemblance to the Golf. Sharp edges are incorporated onto a simple hatch to give it a sporty, solid appeal. The heart of this unit is a 1.2 litre TSI turbo-charged engine that provides decent power for your daily commute while being fuel-efficient. On the move, the soft suspension offers a very comfortable drive but it does come at the expense of handling. It is reviewed to have a fair amount of body roll but the grip is good and the naturally weighted steering is precise. 

Inside, the Polo may not be one of the more exciting cars to look at but the quality finishing puts it ahead of the competition. The cabin space is better too, offering enough legroom for both front and rear passengers and wide doors for easy access in and out. 

The unit here was inspected by MyMotor to be accident free and is very well maintained, plus it just went through a major service. It still has a year manufacturer warranty. So if you are looking at getting your first car or a 5-door hatch, this German should be on top of your list.

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