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MyAuction is an online car bidding platform provided by MyMotor. Its services are open to both private owners and car dealers:

private owners and car dealer can sell and buy cars on MyAuction's online bidding platform.

Why sell with MyMotor Auction?

100% Transparency
Free Listing
Simple Processes to Sell
All Paperwork Handled by Us

Why buy with MyMotor Auction?

100% Transparency
Car Loan Available
Complimentary Car Maintenance Servicing
Roadside Assistance
Extended Warranty Program
Simple Processes to Start Bidding
All Paperwork Handled by Us

How to sell with MyMotor Auction?

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Register for a MyMotor Auction account.

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List your car for auction.

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Our appointed professional inspection team will arrive at your doorstep to inspect your car.

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Get notified on the date and time of online auction.

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MyMotor Auction team will handle everything else for you.

How to buy with MyMotor Auction?

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Register your interest.

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Get notified on any upcoming online car auction.

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Start bidding.

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MyMotor Auction team will handle everything else for you.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Auction IconSelling

How do I sell my car on MyMotor Auction?

Submit your interest to sell your car on our website, and our representative will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Can I sell a car on behalf of a family member or friend?

You can submit on behalf of your family member or friend, but they will need to be present during transaction for ownership transfer purpose.

What are the charges for selling a car on MyMotor Auction?

Listing the car for auction is free. There is a 3.5% charge on a successful sale.

What happens after the auction closes for the car?

MyMotor representatives will be in touch to arrange next steps in the selling process. There is a charge of RM300 if seller cancels the sale.

Are there any charges should customer cancel the inspection appointment?

Yes. Customer will pay RM175 as cancellation fee. However, there are no fees for rescheduling appointment.

Auction IconBuying

How do I bid for a car on MyMotor Auction?

Register for an account, verify the account, and you can start bidding after pre-authorizing your credit card for use with MyMotor Auction.

Why do I need to preauthorise my credit/debit card before I can bid for the car?

This is a measure we have to implement before allowing users to start bidding on the platform, to ensure all bids on the auction are genuine. We hope by doing this, the auction experience is fair for all users.

Will the RM500 be charged to my credit/debit card?

The RM500 will not be charged to your credit/ debit card if your bid for a car is unsuccessful. However, if your bid is successful, customer service will contact you to inform and guide you through the next steps of taking delivery of your car.

Are there any charges for using MyMotor Auction?

Processing fees of RM1,500 per car will be levied on the buyer, which is used to pay for costs involved with road tax registration, mandatory Puspakom inspection, vehicle ownership transfer, and other associated costs. This compares to the RM2,000 – RM5,000 fees normally levied when buying from used car dealerships.

What happens after I secure the winning bid but decide not to buy the vehicle?

Unless a reasonable and valid reason is given for cancellation of purchase, the deposit of RM500 will be forfeited. Sorry ☹ However, if there are any discrepancies in the car condition from the inspection report, you may back out of the bid with full refund of the deposit paid.

Can I view the vehicle before auction?

Please give us a call. Some of the cars listed on the platform are sitting with MyMotor, and some are with the existing owners. We are most definitely ok with arranging for viewing of MyMotor’s inventory cars, however we cannot guarantee a viewing for cars that are not with us. Rest assured that all cars listed on MyMotor Auction are inspected by VIMS and an appointed professional inspection team. The full car condition including defects/damages will be listed in the report along with photos.

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