The 5 Types of Parking Fails You Will Encounter at Malaysian Shopping Malls

If you have ever been to the shopping malls here in Malaysia before, you probably would have come across these parking fails before. 

Image: Jason Thien

The Noob

Likely heard saying: “Aiya, park senget again.”
Infamous for: Their inabilities to park their cars properly within a spot, even if they have readjusted their cars several times. Very common among new drivers. The struggle is real with these folks.

The As-Long-As-It-Fits

Likely heard saying: “Ok lah. Can fit enough lah.”
Infamous for: Unlike the noob, the As-Long-As-It-Fits KNOWS how to park properly, but does not attempt to reposition their car as long as the car is within the boundaries of the space. It’s all about convenience for them.

The Ignorant

Likely heard saying: “Haiyo, no time to find parking lah. I’ll just park at the OKU spot.”
Infamous for: Being ignorant to all signs and symbols indicating that the parking spot is for reserved for specific purposes, such as for the handicapped, families with children, lone ladies, loading, emergency, and so on.

The Creative 

Likely heard saying: “Gee, I can’t find any parking spaces. Oh, it looks like my car might just fit here.”
Infamous for: Parking at areas we never thought could exist. No mall’s parking lot is too packed for them.

The More-the-Merrier

Likely heard saying: “No other cars here. And my car is too big. I don’t think anyone will mind if I took a few spots.”
Infamous for: Hogging as many spaces as possible when parking, making sure that they add value to the money they are paying for their parking fee.

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